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    • Companion set Emma
    • £433.00
      Description The ultimate and stylish companion set to hold all your fireplace accessories. It includes the classic tools such as tongs as well as brush and shovel. In addition it includes a blow poker which can be used both as a blower to more easily start a fire, as well as to poke and arrange the wood for an optimal...
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    • Wood basket Emma
    • £380.00
      Description Keep your logs in the elegantly designed wood basket made of powder-coated metal with leather from Swedish tannery Trnsj, and brass details. Brand By Eldvarm
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    • Lantern Emma
    • £133.00
      Description The lantern Emma is the youngest member of the popular series designed by Emma Olbers. It is the first product from Eldvarm to move away from traditional fireplace accessories but instead a product moments we press the pause button on life, may it be by our selves reading a book or sharing a meal with friends. The flame is...
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